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Payment Sharing Giveaway

We'll Pay You $5.00 To request payment with piere!

Use the Piere app to share a past transaction with a friend by 4:59 PM EST This Wednesday, October 18.

Just open Piere, select any past transaction, and send a share request of $5.00 or more to a friend. Easy as that!

Once your friend has completed the share request, we'll process a $5.00 payment to your linked venmo account.

Make sure you have your Venmo account connected to Piere and that your Venmo handle is correct in your Settings tab.

Participants must be legal residents of the US, aged 18 and older, and genuine users of Piere. Each participant is limited to one $5.00 Venmo credit. By joining, you consent to these terms and acknowledge the conclusive decisions of Univers Tech, LLC. Univers Tech, LLC disclaims responsibility for any Venmo technical issues or resulting damages. Failure to provide accurate Venmo details may forfeit the prize. While Univers Tech, LLC aims to send Venmo credits promptly, there’s no guaranteed delivery time. Prize substitutions are not allowed. Univers Tech, LLC reserves the right to withhold the credit if a participant is suspected of misuse or malintent, or for any other reason, at Univers Tech, LLC’s discretion. All participants hereby release Univers Tech, LLC and its affiliates from any claims related to this promotion.

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