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The intelligent way to manage your money

Experience the future of personal finance. Gain insight as you track budgets, net worth, account balances, transactions, and investments, with greater personalization and control.

It's time to meet Piere.

Net worth in mobile phone app

The most intelligent money management platform for iOS and Android.

Piere is the intelligent personal financial management platform for iPhone and Android that learns what’s important in your life, then delivers tools and insights aligned with what you value most.

Create your budget in just two taps, travel through time with historical net worth, and dive into endlessly customizable transaction data with the financial concierge that’s always learning.

The reviews are in...

5 star review
Fortune Magazine
5 star review
Kubus1144, 01/24/2024
Replacement for Mint
The ONLY free (for now) app that ACTUALLY does everything I wanted from Mint after their move to Credit Karma ... AMAZING and a LIFESAVER after Mint went down.
5 star review
Nickshininger, 02/25/2024
Great app!
Best alternative to mint I've found. Awesome app for budgeting and tracking.
5 star review
Bob100000 , 01/12/2024
Amazing app with great support
This app is fantastic. This does everything that I need it to in terms of net worth and budgeting. They have an incredibly responsive support team that has been able to resolve all my issues within hours. Definitely worth trying.
William Bethea
Thanks for creating this app. It is so much better than the rest. Piere is a life saver in the post-Mint era.
Allie Burns
Y'all are so ahead of the game with this app!
WOW. I have been DREADING a switch from Mint since I've used it so long. Uploading the CSV was seamless, signing into accounts went great!
Dima Vartanian
Thanks so much for getting back to me, and I'd just like to say you guys are making an awesome product and I'm looking forward to the web version.
Reddit avatar
I use Piere! They're definitely the newest on the market and are working to add a lot of features, but I honestly loooooooove their budget (I think it's better than Mint's and Monarch's).
You guys are killing it. Just seeing the community interaction would make me pay for this app on its own. I can't wait to see the continued updates and customization we can get into!
Reddit user avatar
The budget is so easy to use and therefore EASY TO STICK TO!!!
Reddit icon
Excited! Thank you for putting in so much effort!
5 star review
reviewer_wk2, 02/23/2024
Amazing App/Company!
The app is still in the development phase, and it has already surpassed my expectations (and I'm hard to please with my budgeting apps)! They are pushing new updates regularly and the app is quickly going to surpass all the other budgeting apps out there!! I'm SO glad I found this app whoever I found out Mint was shutting down. I truly believe this company is not only going to fill in the gaps Mint is leaving behind, but it's going to be the most downloaded/used budgeting app out there because they are so forward thinking and taking so many ideas into consideration!
5 star review
illuminato8, 01/19/2024
The Best
I tried many apps but this one is the best replacement for Mint!

At last, a budget with brains

Budgeting priorities

Budgets That Learn From What You Value Most

Tell Piere what you value most in life for a budget that prioritizes what you do. Piere analyzes your past and future spending to suggest a budget that’s uniquely aligned with what you care about most.

Reports With Endless Customization

All from a single tool, generate endlessly customizable spending and income reports, filtered by category, account, tag, date, and more.

Personalized Financial Insights

Piere's analytical intelligence learns from your finances and presents you with relevant, actionable tips and insights to help you learn and grow.

Powerfully Simple Budget Rollovers

Keep your budget on-track for the months ahead by setting rollover rules that are easy-to-use. Tell Piere to carry over your surplus, deficit, or both for your budget as a whole, or for each individual category.

See your financial story, all in one place

Net worth chart

Historical Net Worth

After connecting your bank accounts to Piere, the app’s adaptable intelligence retrieves your historical financial data from even before you connected to display a robust chart of your financial growth over time, filterable by any account or date.

Net worth account and date filters

Robust Account & Data Connections

Link, track, and manage everything from your credit cards, loans, to 401Ks directly from Piere. See your entire financial relationship from every institution as soon as you launch the app.

Take More Control Over Your Transactions

Easily tag, add attachments, or annotate your transactions, and save time with bulk editing.

Starbucks purchase bank transaction
Lyft bank transaction
Edit transaction details

Intuitive Split Transactions

  • Transaction split of $65.58 and $52.40

Custom Categories

Create categories that best describe your money and lifestyle

Transaction Automations

Keep organized by applying any default or custom category, automatically

Transaction Control

Edit any part of a transaction you’d like: date, merchant, description, & more

Financial Intelligence

Best-in-class budget creation in only seconds, with endless personalization

Transaction Time Travel

Seamlessly scan through instantly imported historical transaction data

Import & Export

Export your Piere transactions and history to Excel in just a tap