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Piere vs. Monarch: why Piere is the best Monarch Money alternative

Piere vs. Monarch: why Piere is the best Monarch Money alternative

Monarch users, are you looking to simplify your budgeting and financial management? Welcome to Piere! We've made budgeting simpler and smarter, and you're able to create your first budget in just two taps. For tracking net worth, go beyond current data and take advantage of Piere's historical net worth calculations for a more robust and accurate picture of your assets' growth over time.

Budgeting app net worth and goals

How Piere Differs from Monarch


Extended Free Trial

To welcome new users, Piere is offering an extended FREE trial of Piere Plus+ to all new users of the app. Piere doesn’t display advertisements in the app so we can empower more lives with Piere’s intelligent features without unwanted distractions.

Historical Net Worth Calculations

Piere uses as much transaction data as your connected banks provide to display net worth calculations from even before you connected to Piere.

Automatic Transactions Reconciliations

Let’s say you spend $100 at dinner and request $50 from the friend who was with you to cover their meal. Piere will automatically match the incoming Venmo to the original dinner transaction and show you in your budget only your share of that meal.

Direct Customer Engagement With Team

Customer engagement is so important to Piere that we frequently engage real users for 1:1 conversations and notify all our users about upcoming features via Reddit, our website, and Help Center.

Automatic, 2-Tap Budget creation

When we say Piere is intelligent, we prove it beginning with the instant budget creation experience. After linking your accounts, Piere leverages industry best principles along with real-time financial analysis to create a personalized budget in just two button presses.

Integrated Peer-to-Peer Payment Sharing

Piere is a powerful enhancement to Venmo, adding additional transaction details, JPG/PDF attachments, and additional security measures to payments sent from Piere to a Venmo user.

Free Money Pools

Create a fundraiser, raise money among friends for a group trip, or collect club dues directly within Piere’s money pools. Generate a payment link, send it, and instantly see who has and who hasn’t paid.

SOC 2 Type II Audited

Piere successfully completed its SOC 2 Type II compliance audit, meaning the app has the same level of security as the nation’s largest financial institutions.

Monarch Money

Monarch Has No Free Tier

Monarch welcomes new users with a short free trial, after which point the app costs nearly $15 per month.

Only Current net Worth Data

Monarch calculates users’ net worth from the time they first connect their accounts to the platform.

No Reconciliations Support

When Monarch detects a P2P payment in the app, there is no active mechanism for reconciling that credit agains the original debit.

Online Help Center

Monarch customer support originates from their Help Center, available via the footer of their website.

Manual Budgeting Only

Monarch Money leverages a series of questions and requires forms to be filled out in the app prior to creating a user’s budget, meaning all budget categories must be manually edited and assigned.

No P2P Payment Splitting/Sharing

Monarch is budgeting- and insights-only, and hasn’t ventured into the realm of expense splitting or peer-to-peer payments.

No Money Collection

Monarch hasn’t offered a method for collecting funds within the app.

No Mention of SOC 2

A search of Monarch’s website and social media omits mention of a SOC 2 Type II compliance audit.

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