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Piere vs. Mint: why Piere is the best Mint alternative

Piere vs. Mint: why Piere is the best Mint alternative

Import your Mint data to Piere, for free

Mint users, welcome to Piere! We've built a more powerful budgeting and money management platform for you, that users reassure is the fastest Mint alternative they've tried. Piere is free to try and without advertisements, so dive in and create your budget in two taps today!

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How Piere Differs from Mint


Automatic, 2-Tap Budget creation

When we say Piere is intelligent, we prove it beginning with the instant budget creation experience. After linking your accounts, Piere leverages industry best principles along with real-time financial analysis to create a personalized budget in just two button presses.

No Ads & Free Trial

Piere is welcoming new users with an extended FREE Piere Plus+ trial. Additionally, we don’t display banner ads in the app or sell your data.

Import Mint Data to Piere

Easily keep your Mint budget and transaction history when you move to Piere. After opening the app, connect your accounts, then follow the instructions to get started.

Investments Support Including Fidelity

We believe that your entire financial picture includes your investments and retirement savings, regardless of your investing stage. That’s why we provide support for a broader selection of investment institutions, to help provide guidance which includes retirement goals.

Up To 3 Months Historical Data Syncing

Piere receives up to 3 months of account transaction data from your linked banks and refreshes this data multiple times per day. We partner with SOC 2 Type II providers to fetch and display this data, ensuring it’s encrypted in transit and at rest.

Automatic Transactions Reconciliations

Let’s say you spend $100 at dinner and request $50 from the friend who was with you to cover their meal. Piere will automatically match the incoming Venmo to the original dinner transaction and show you in your budget only your share of that meal.

Direct Customer Engagement With Team

Customer engagement is so important to Piere that we frequently engage real users for 1:1 conversations and notify all our users about upcoming features on our roadmap.

Free Money Pools

Create a fundraiser, raise money among friends for a group trip, or collect club dues directly within Piere’s money pools. Generate a payment link, send it, and instantly see who has and who hasn’t paid.

Integrated Peer-to-Peer Payment Sharing

Piere is a powerful enhancement to Venmo, adding additional transaction details, JPG/PDF attachments, and additional security measures to payments sent from Piere to a Venmo user.

Responsive Customer Support

Visit the Piere Help Center or email for live, human support. You can also visit our Features Request Board to propose and vote on upcoming feature requests.


Manual Budgeting Only

Mint leveraged a series of questions and required forms to be filled out in the app prior to creating a user’s budget, meaning all budget categories had to be manually edited and assigned.

Mint Has Closed Down

Mint was supported via in-app advertisements that at times covered the majority of the user interface.

Users Were Moved to Credit Karma

Mint has migrated its users to Credit Karma, who have lost their budgeting history and other core features.

Some Limited Investments Support

Mint displayed account balances but provided little insights into how your investments and retirement savings are tracking against your longer term goals.

Synced Data Shared With Third Parties

Mint developed its own data syncing mechanism rather than partnering with industry-leading providers that have been vetted for security and compliance.

No Reconciliations Support

A frequent complaint on the App Store by Mint users has been the lack of automatic categorization of transactions on the platform. Incoming peer-to-peer payments are not always recategorized and matched.

No Product Pipeline Visibility

Mint keeps its product pipeline quiet and as of November 1, 2023 has announced they are shutting down the Mint app.

No Money Collection

Mint hasn’t offered a method for collecting funds within the app, instead directing users to third party applications which may charge an additional fee.

No Payment Splitting/Sharing

Mint is budgeting- and insights-only, and hasn’t ventured into the realm of expense splitting or peer-to-peer payments.

No Human Customer Care

Customer inquiries and help are initiated through a chatbot interface and no promise of human interaction or assistance is made. Users may ask the help forums online or read a Mint help article.

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