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Migrate From Mint, Custom Categories, Transaction Rules

Migrate From Mint, Custom Categories, Transaction Rules

You may think you know Piere, but there’s so much more to discover. Go beyond our lightning-fast two-tap budget creation with new features to make your finances so much smarter.

NASDAQ Tech Report just called Piere the “new app to replace Mint” and we aren’t stopping there! Since we last connected, Piere’s intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds with a suite of new features and enhancements to make managing your holiday and day-to-day finances even more empowering.

Migrate From Mint

Move your Mint transaction history and custom categories to Piere in just a couple clicks.

Manual Transactions

Completed a purchase in cash or from an account that ins’t connected to Piere? Create and track a manual transaction in only a few seconds.

Transaction Hiding

Piere now gives you the ability to hide transactions from your history to omit the amounts from budget and net worth calculations.

Custom Rules

Set custom automations for assigning categories to merchants and transactions that frequently appear in your budget.

Make the move from Mint in no time at all

Mint users, welcome to Piere! We’ve built a more powerful budgeting and money management platform for you, that users reassure is the fastest Mint alternative they’ve tried. Piere is free (for users who join now!) and without advertisements, so dive in and create your budget in two taps today!

Mint versus Piere budgeting app features