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Piere Just Got More Customizable, Whether In The US or Canada

Piere Just Got More Customizable, Whether In The US or Canada

Our team is ecstatic about the explosive growth of our community and user base, and engaging with as many of you as we can, especially on Reddit or through our support email, is a highlight of building the most intelligent personal finance tool available.


We’ve heard your feedback, and for this latest update to the app, we’ve focused on enhancing the experience of using categories in your budgets, adding more useful data when you view a connected account, and reaffirming our commitment to improve the overall user experience:


View Transactions from the Account Details Page


Viewing the details page of a connected account will now display a list of all its past transactions. Need to tag a transaction or verify or change its category? Just tap on it to add your edits.


Recategorize Your Accounts


Is a connected account within Piere listed as Loan when it’s really a Credit Card? Want to differentiate between your 401(k) or 401(a) plans? View the details page of the connected account to change the account category to whatever you prefer. Add as much detail as you’d like with Piere’s new detailed accounts options.


Hide or Rename Categories


You can now hide sub-categories from your budget (from the budget settings on the top right), and select whether you want to recategorize the transaction or keep the category the same but omit it from view.


Make a mistake when creating a custom category? Go and edit or correct the name from the manage categories page in the dropdown menu of your budget.


Enhanced Transaction Rules


Piere already allows you to choose to apply rules that will recategorize a transaction from a frequent merchant every time you spend. Coming soon, we’ll be releasing a more comprehensive transaction rules feature, where based on a transaction’s merchant (complete or partial match), amount, category, or account, you can choose to recategorize, tag, or hide it.


A Faster Experience


Our engineering team has worked hard to make the process of connecting accounts faster, while creating more stability all around. Open your app to experience our changes.