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At Piere, we're focused on delivering greater empowerment to individual lives by creating intelligent personal financial tools and insights.

Money growing on trees

Spring Cleaning Your Finances: 5 Tips to Revitalize Your Budget This Spring

During winter, it’s easy to settle into a routine of seeking comfort, being less active overall, and waiting
2023 budgeting year in review infographic

Making Cents of 2023 Spending Trends​

2023 Year in Review Over one-third (35.3%) of individuals didn’t save any money in the month of December,
Money in bear trap

It Wasn’t The $14 Avocado Toast

Author’s note: I lead marketing for the personal finance and budgeting app Piere, helping bring the product that

Harnessing Joy-spending to Meet Your Retirement Goals: A Fresh Approach to Financial Planning

Traditional financial planning often takes a stringent approach, mandating rigid budgetary parameters and foretelling doom for those who stray.