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Explore AI Insights, Hide Accounts From Net Worth, Reddit

Explore AI Insights, Hide Accounts From Net Worth, Reddit

A couple of feature enhancements just made your Piere experience a lot more…insightful. Take more control of your financial picture with the ability to customize your net worth calculations, and explore AI insights that can make your experience even more intelligent.

We’re loving the influx of new users that the past two weeks has brought us, and we’re committed to delivering new value for each and every one of you.

This week, we’ve focused on increasing the customization options for budget and net worth calculations to make your Piere experience even more intelligent:

Exclude Certain Accounts

Need to hide an account from your net worth or budget calculations but still need to track its transactions in Piere? Now, simply tap on the account from the Growth tab and you’ll see a new option to hide the account from Budget & Trends. You’ll continue seeing new transactions from this account updated in the app, but the balance won’t affect your budget or net worth calculations.

AI Powered Insights (Coming Soon!)

Before we release AI powered insights to the Piere platform, help us understand what information you’d find the most useful. Our AI implementation goes beyond a chatbot: it will analyze your entire personal financial situation to surface insights and guidance throughout the Piere app that can help you truly empower your finances.

To help us get started, update your Piere app, then navigate to the new Insights tab to check out the types of insights Piere’s personalized AI can deliver.

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